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Manpuppy Plows Ass
Manpuppy Plows Ass
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Once every two or three years, my friend Jack Rush breezesinto my life. We chat, hang out, go on a date, then fuck like retarded monkeys. Then, he disappears. Each time I see him, he has a new tattoo. And each time we fuck, it's harder and more raw than the last time. I think I may have broken him making this video. Or maybe not - He invited me to shack up with him in California when my cam tour goes through there!
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Wake Up Call
Wake Up Call
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This was my first video with my then-new boyfriend, Sabastian. We shot it with a webcam, And I think I checked my stats every 15 minutes til we sold our first download on XTube. It was so exciting! LOL We filmed a couple dozen scenes over the next two years we were together. Who says sex isn't a good foundation for a relationship? CLICK HERE for the full-length video!
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Threesome Fuck Bareback
Threesome Fuck Bareback
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So, I was on Adam4Adam (as "DaddyPop"), cruising for guys to bring on my webcam show or shoot a Manpuppy video with, while my boyfriend at the time, Sabastian, watched cartoons or something. I get to chatting with this guy who seems up for it, and I invite him over. He gets here and Sabastian answers the door - turns out he and Jacob had been fuckbuddies a couple years back. I got the lights ready and we shot this bareback threeway video, and it turned out to be one of my most popular amateur videos ever. It had over 500,000 views before XTube stopped counting. And we didn't even have to pay him! lol
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Breeding A Tattoo Guy
Breeding A Tattoo Guy
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This was a very spontaneous morning. I was cruising on A4A (as "DaddyPop") and this guy said, "Aren't you the dude from XTube?" Naturally, I replied yes, I am THAT guy. lol He said, "I'm down! Bring your camera and your boyfriend!" Well, Sabastian felt like sleeping in that day. He wouldn't get out of bed to save his life. So, I went over to this guy's apartment and BOY was he ready to get fucked. This is one of my more amateur looking amateur videos, but it was very raw and real. CLICK HERE for the full-length video!
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Hot Daddies
Hot Daddies
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Before I get more outraged Twitter tweets from that self-righteous prick in Arizona about showing bareback porn, let me point out that these two furry daddies are obviously a couple. Note the wedding rings, and the fact that they don't treat each other like they just met. For that matter, I don't much want to hear about my choice of video posts even without justifying myself. You can't catch anything from WATCHING porn. And from the look of him in his avatar, Arizona guy doesn't have to worry about the dangers of actually getting laid. Ass.
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Rough Trade
Rough Trade
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Heavens! I can't understand most of what the bottom stud is saying, but given what the two tops are shouting, I can only assume he has a potty mouth in Spanish as well. This is one raw, rough, skeezy, tri-ethnic, gay fuckfest. Wouldn't it be funny if he lived with his mother? "Papito? Is everything OK back there? It sounds noisy!" "We're fine, mamiiii!" "I made you and your friends some sandwiches!"
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Gay Wrestlers
Gay Wrestlers
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At first, I wasn't going to post this because it's so grainy. But after watching these two gay wrestlers chuck each other around for a few minutes, I changed my mind. They play hard and fuck sensual, and that's how gay wrestling should be. I think the graininess works for it after all. But, what the hell happened to the ref???
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Tap That Ass Out
Tap That Ass Out
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Lots of muscles, lots of testosterone, lots of cock, lots of ass, lots of grunting. Except for the grunting, count me in. Let's use our words! Does a gag come with those ropes? I wonder how much the guy on the dais made to be in this vid. Another example of what I call "Director's Brother Casting," I think.
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Gay Twins Gay Triplets
Gay Twins Gay Triplets
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Here's a special visit between the Mangiatti twins and the Visconti triplets. I realize ManPuppy's Twins section is a little Mangiatti-heavy, but can you blame me?? They're way hotter than those skeezy Peters twins, and a twins/triplets scene is confusingly delightful.
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Army Quickie
Army Quickie
Top GAY MILITARY PORN Video - CLICK HERE for 11 more free men in uniform videos!

The trance soundtrack on here is about as awkward and out of place as the dialogue. "Thought I'd come out here and jack off." "Mind if I join you?" ...Really? Why are we bothering to say anything? Just suck my cock and call it a day, OK?
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Classic Euro Boiz
Classic Euro Boiz
Top CLASSIC VINTAGE GAY Video - CLICK HERE for 11 more free vintage gay porn before condoms and manscaping!

Know why we stopped doing haircuts like that in the 80's? We ran out of bowls. Ha! The sex seems sincere, though, and they do have some pretty cocks. The old Howard Avenue Station in Tampa was dripping with boiz like these back in the day. Whatever happened to...
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Skeezy Jockstrap Boys
Skeezy Jockstrap Boys
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I had half a dozen guys over to play Strip Monopoly once. We had all different body types, a range of ages from little sexboys to men over 50 - but realized too late there was only one bottom. He used a lot of lube that night...
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Amateur Frat Boys
Amateur Frat Boys
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Dear Mom, College is great. I'm meeting all kinds of interesting people. My roommate at the fraternity house has a video camera and we taped our trip to Six Flags. I'll ask him to put a copy of the dvd in with this letter when he takes the mail out.
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Bear And Boy
Bear And Boy
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There's a hot young guy in my neighborhood I'm dying to live out this scene with. Wait till a hot, steamy afternoon when he's hanging out in the field... Sure is hot... Want some lemonade? Get talking about how a nice shower sure would feel good... How the girls in my high school were a bunch of prudes; are they still like that? By the way, do you have any I.D.? Oh, just curious...?
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Big Cock
Big Cock
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That is one big, hot cock on that boy. And what a fantastic bottom boy, to take all that man meat in! I can't decide whom I'd rather fuck more; sit on that big, bad, gay dick or plow that tattoo boy's sweet little ass. Cum gusher coming!
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Self Suck
Self Suck
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12% of men admit they've tried to suck their own cocks... and 88% of men are liars. Now, my dick is bigger than this guy's, but if I tried to do that to my back, I'd be in traction for a month. (And wouldn't that be fun to explain in the Emergency Room?) All I know is, if I had this guy's ability, I would never leave home.
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Outdoor 3way
Outdoor 3way
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Outdoor sex is hot! A neighbor & I walked up to the corner store together once; he was a cute, young boy, maybe 23 years old, with wavy, dirty blond hair. Supposedly straight. Walking home, he told me a gay friend of his had taken him to the Sawmill Campground the weekend before. They had wandered down a trail to a clearing, where some guys were filming a porno. My neighbor said he had never seen men fucking before. During a break, the director asked him if he wanted to be in the movie. He declined - he was instantly petrified and left with his friend quickly. "Still, a mouth is a mouth," I said; I knew he was fishing by telling his story. But, he said nothing and looked away, until I added, "Hey! Wait a minute! ...I have a mouth!" He grinned and we went back to my apartment...
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Latin Boyz
Latin Boyz
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It's hard to pick a favorite when they all look so hot! Well, two of them, anyway. The third one is OK; I'd fuck him, but I wouldn't call him. Something about the naturally tan, supple flesh of a latin guy... And their cum is always so thick and creamy... Is it something in the water?
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Wake Up Call - 4:07 - 60292 Cum Shots (Page Views)
This was my first video with my then-new boyfriend, Sabastian. We shot it with a webcam, And I think I checked my stats every 15 minutes til we sold our first download on XTube. It was so exciting! LOL We filmed a couple dozen scenes over the next two years we were together. Who says sex isn't a good foundation for a relationship?
CLICK HERE for the full-length video!
Cute Emo Boys - 23:44 - 33674 Cum Shots
One of the few things I miss about drinking is hangover sex. That languid, blurry fucking where you're a little overheated, but lazy at the same time. These emo boys look like they tied one on the night before, and the black haired emo boy is very pretty. Can I join in the fucking without getting drunk?
Gay Boys - 29:08 - 33579 Cum Shots
These gay boys look so nervous at first! Like they've never had some stranger offer them a few bucks to make out, suck cock, and fuck on film so it can be uploaded to the internet and one day thousands of guys from Tampa Bay to Turkey will be watching them have sex and probably stroking their own meat while they do it. (If this has never happened to you, feel free to e-mail me and we can probably set it up.)
Greasemonkey Twinks - 23:25 - 33290 Cum Shots
Evidently, there is hot, gay sex spontaneously breaking out constantly in every garage, tattoo parlor, and ice cream store any time I'm not around. And the working world is populated by sweet ass hairless twinks and hunky muscle men, who are simply at lunch when I go about my business. On the other hand, my mechanic is a woman, I don'y have any tattoos, and I make my own ice cream. Maybe that's the problem.
Gay Emo Wank - 4:14 - 28877 Cum Shots
You know what I say about redheads: They're NUTS. This one nuts very nicely, though, and for an emo boy, he's not overly fey or silly. Also, I'm lovin' the sheets. I know a school cafeteria lady who would kill for those.
Hot Gay Twinks - 21:47 - 24891 Cum Shots
The light brown haired boy needs to hop the next plane to Tampa Bay and fuck my brains out. Hell, I'd spring for cab fare from Los Angeles for him, but a plane would be better: He'd never make it through the metal detector with all that silly jewelry. (Very appropriate for a workout, isn't it?)
Hot Tattoo Boys - 24:49 - 24002 Cum Shots
It's almost as if it's one big tattoo running from one boy to the next. Hot bodies on both of these handsome young men; a great match of beautiful physiques. Now, how do I convince them to slide me in the middle?
Latinboyz - 4:10 - 22244 Cum Shots
These three latinboyz look like they got their cocks grafted on from horses. Seriously! And this classic clip was before Photoshop or CGI. Fucking amazing! And I love all the aftershock convulsions from the one guy after he cums... He really meant it.
Bathtub Twinks - 18:49 - 21136 Cum Shots
I have no idea what the set-up is all about here, and I don't care. Any excuse to fuck a couple adorable twinks in a bathtub, I suppose. Sweet insertion shot around the 12 minute mark, and a boy sandwich is my favorite lunch.
Hot Blond Emo Boy - 15:32 - 21090 Cum Shots
This blond emo boy is delicious! There is no way I would be done with him in fifteen minutes. They would have to film a miniseries. This hairless young man deserves to have every inch licked, sucked and massaged. That's the first four hours.
Emo Bukkake - 14:17 - 20559 Cum Shots
These emo boys are reminding me, I was going to take a young female friend to her first experience at Rocky Horror. It's not all the make-up that reminded me, if that's what you're thinking. It's the fact that the last time I went, I got a fantastic blow-job in the back row while all the kids were dancing in front of us to the Time Warp...
Euro Twink Gaysex - 13:29 - 20130 Cum Shots
What sweet, hairless 18 year old gay teenagers. The younger ones fuck so tenderly. I wonder if that's just common with euro boys, or if maybe they're worried they'll cum too quickly, or just afraid they'll hurt each others' tender little asses.
Pretty Boys - 19:59 - 19881 Cum Shots
Barely 18 gay boys are the hottest! That sweet, hairless, firm skin... the smooth, hard cocks... They might cum fast, but so what? Give them another 15 minutes and they're ready for Round Two! Or three, or four...
Threesome Gayboys - 11:33 - 18763 Cum Shots
Two gayboys and a hot latin top... What kind of trouble could they get into? Looks like the only trouble is going to be for that bottom gayboy's ass. He's getting it plowed hard, and he's gonna feel that for a day or two.
XXX Gayboys - 13:18 - 17220 Cum Shots
I didn't know Russian gayboys went camping. Seems mighty risky, what with all the meteorites zipping into lakes from outer space. If they were near that lake, the Chelyabinsk meteor flying by in the background would have been a real dick limper.
Emo Gaysex - 16:04 - 16348 Cum Shots
They say Emo is dead, and I've never been entirely sure what classifies music as emo, but they can keep these splendid, beautiful gayboys coming! Especially the blond ones. I think they're probably easier to pick out as emo, versus Goth. Or Vampire. Or whatever. Of course, when I was their age, it was all New Wave, and the gayboys today think they invented eyeliner. Whatever.
Twink Gay Cum Shots - 20:51 - 15799 Cum Shots
Aww, what a pretty little twink, trying to sound all seductive and shit. Just rip off your clothes and shove a finger up your ass, little gayboy. The less you talk, the more we'll all appreciate your gay cum shots.
Fucking Hot Gay Orgy - 68:51 - 1592 Cum Shots
Now, I post a lot of videos with four or five gayteens on this site, and they're hot and all. But, 11 guys sucking and fucking each other... now THAT'S an orgy. And I'm so glad I got more than a perfunctory 10 minute clip!

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