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Parker London Porn Star
Parker London Porn Star
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It's my favorite porn star, Parker London, doing what I like to see him doing the most: Getting fucked hard up the ass. I don't usually go for beefy types in person, but I would give my left nut to nail Parker. That man is just too delicious.
Parker London Bottoms
Parker London Bottoms
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Parker claims he prefers to top, but you wouldn't guess it from this quickie video. Very hot insertion shot; excellent angle as Parker gets that cock shoved in his beefy ass. I LOVE his balls! Parker's Facebook page says he lives in Manhattan now... You're getting further away from me! Come back to Florida, baby! See more from my favorite tattooed hunk on the Parker London page.
Parker London Rubdown
Parker London Rubdown
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How is this dude not hard after giving Parker London a rubdown?! Parker, I may have mentioned this before, but I'd adore it if you made the trip from Miami up here to Tampa Bay. I have MUCH more to give you than this little semi-interested guy. And I'll let you flip me over, too! Come be Mr. ManPuppy. Or Mrs. ManPuppy. Whatever you're in the mood for.
Parker London Video
Parker London Video
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28:42 - 26147 Cum Shots
I'm in love with Parker London. OK, we haven't met, so it's probably just infatuation. But, I'm sure that after we meet, we'll fall in love. I'm your Number One Fan, Parker. lol It's not just his magnificent body, puppy dog handsome face, or his killer smile. It's not even his sleeve tattoo - and you know I'm a sucker for sleeve tattoos. I've seen Parker London in interviews, and he has a sweet, shy, honest personality that almost makes me forget about those quarter sized nipples I'd nibble on for hours. I understand you live in the Miami area, Parker; not too far from Tampa Bay. We're both power shooters; we could have a contest. Let's do breakfast.

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