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Hot Tattoos
Hot Tattoos
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Here's my secret fetish: I like to draw. On you, on me, all over. Not permanent tattoos, mind you; with magic markers. I haven't seen a gay site that features this, so I think when I produce my first porn video, it'll have to be the theme fetish. Any takers?
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Outdoor Shaved Gay
Outdoor Shaved Gay
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Is there any setting that's NOT appropriate for a hot flip fuck? This reminds me of a night I met a few guys at a bar, and went back to one of the guys' house at closing. He had a trampoline in the back yard, and after we polished off the beer from the fridge, the four of us ended up on it. The sun came up by the time we were done...
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Gay Wrestlemania
Gay Wrestlemania
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A supposedly straight friend and I were venting at each other on the phone one night. He was stressed out because his wife was pissed at him because she caught him jacking off to internet pornos... again. I was upset because I had been stood up by some guy earlier that night. That was when he suggested he come over and we wrestle around a while to blow off some steam...
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