Richard Lennox

SCENE INFORMATION: Your step-dad seems serious. He wants to sit down for a talk about... the tickling incident. Uh-oh. He says he understands why you and your friends crept into the bunk room at the Step-Dads-and-Step-Sons Campout in the middle of the night and tickled all the stepdads' feet. It was just a prank, and it was all in good fun. But he, for one, is extremely ticklish, and it did give him quite a start. He thinks a couple of the stepdads may have even had accidents on their sheets. So, shame on you! Don't EVER pull anything like that again! But if you do... he wants in on it. He excitedly starts devising a practical joke for the net campout, acting out how surprised and shocked all the other step-dads will be when you team up and tickle them all. Your step-dad is either supercool, or a even more of a perv than you had imagined. You probably don't want to know which, but at least you're not being punished.