Elis Ataxxx & Richard Lennox

SCENE INFORMATION: Richard Lennox has been detained and dragged into the Federal building for interrogation to the Special Counsel's office. They need to ask some very pointed questions about his involvement with the campaign. He angrily demands to talk to his attorney and insists they have nothing on him. But Elis Ataxxx tells him the office has information including his phone calls with Russia, and messages to Wankyleaks. "Bull hockey!" Richard shouts. "You can't prove ANYTHING! I've done NOTHING wrong! Fake news!" Elis pulls out his phone and shows him, "We also have video of you tickling naked guys half your age..." Richard watches the video and says with a grin,"Wellll.... Yeah, THAT happened." That was all Elis needed to switch into high gear with the interrogation techniques. He produces some bondage rope and ties Richard to the sofa, lifts up his shirt, and starts tickling his belly button. "NOOO!" Richard protests. "That's the most ticklish spot on my body!" Elis continues tickling while asking his questions, and each time he doesn't like the answers, tickles Richard's navel even more furiously. He sits on Richard's struggling body while tickling. "Talk! Talk, damn you!" Elis demands, his fingers tickling Richard's abs in a claw-like pose. "NO! If I tell you, I'm DONE!" Richard protests. "Kali Ma! Kali Ma!" The tickling interrogation may produce nothing but a wet sofa...