Frank Funsize, Richard Lennox

SCENE INFORMATION: Frank Funsize casually tells his step-dad, Richard Lennox, that he quit the basketball team. "It just wasn't for me." The 5'3" twink may be right, but step-dad is FURIOUS. He pulls little Frankie over the knee and starts spanking him. Doesn't he remember how hard it was to convince the coach to let him on the team? But Frank has made up his little mind: No basketball for him. This makes Richard even more mad, so he pulls the college freshman's pants down and spanks him even harder through his underwear. What the hell is he supposed to do with the $700 basketball shoes he bought for the boy? "Sell them?" Frankie says. SELL THEM?! Richard has had enough of this nonsense and yanks Frank's underwear down for a harsh, bare-ass spanking he won't soon forget.