Elis Ataxxx

SCENE INFORMATION: So, this "sitter" your giant step-dad hired is a total mess. He's so out of it, half naked in your step-dad's bed, with a bottle of lotion and a JO sock on the floor. Oh. My. God. You crawl over his giant body, just to take a closer look and see what's up, before he rouses himself (you are still a horny tiny person, so, hey). He opens his eyes to attention when you get to his face. He gets up and starts babbling incoherently, and clumsily pulling off his clothes... inefficiently. He stumbles to the floor, completely naked, and you decide this is a good opportunity to go back to inspecting his body. Especially his feet - they are cute feet. For a burnout. But this is getting to be too much, maybe even a little dangerous, as random as he is. Maybe you should just back away slowly...