Frank Funsize, Johnny Mercy, Richard Lennox

SCENE INFORMATION: Johnny Mercy is fucking with his little step-brother, Frank Funsize. He made the tiny twink wash the dishes for him, and now he's criticizing how bad of a job Frank is doing. The bully step-brother even spits on a dish to mess with him. But when Frank talks back, Johnny grabs him by the tighty whities and gives him wedgies. Their step-dad, Richard Lennox, hears all the commotion and comes in to restore order. Richard admonishes Johnny, but he's still no help to Frankie. "THAT'S how you're giving him a wedgie? You're doing it all wrong. THIS is how you give a wedgie." Step-dad strips little Frank and lifts him up in the air by the underwear, carrying him around the kitchen and swinging him back and forth. Johnny takes his wedgie lesson seriously, and they take turns tormenting Frankie. To get the wedgies just right.