Richard Lennox

SCENE INFORMATION: You can't live another day without knowing whether you're getting the promotion. You'll do anything for your boss, Richard Lennox. So far, that's meant worshiping his feet - you won't be tacking that onto your resume. But his test for you isn't over. You need to respect his authority! Don't you know how he built his empire? SWEAT! He pulls off his jacket to demonstrate. To this day, the sweat stains on the armpits of his shirt are obvious. Smell them. DO IT. He goes off on a rant about the sacrifices he's made so YOU can even think about having a job, let alone a promotion, while unbuttoning his shirt. He makes you smell his hairy, smelly armpits. He tells you that's where you belong, on your knees, sniffing his excellence. ...Maybe Taco Ball is hiring.