Julian Jaden, Richard Lennox

SCENE INFORMATION: Dine-N-Dash delivery dude Julian Jaden dutifully drops off Richard Lennox' dinner. The older man thanks him and starts to slam the door in his face, but what about the tip? Julian is enraged and pushes his way inside. "I use my OWN gas, my OWN car, and my OWN time, and no fucking tip?!" Tossing Richard to the floor, he decides to extract some cash out of him by dropping his ass on him. The Brazilian boy sits on his abs, his chest and his neck, venting about how hard he works for ungrateful cheapskates. Terrified, Richard offers his set of commemorative quarters as a compromise, but that just makes Julian even more mad. The Brazilian delivery guy strips to his jockstrap and squashes his ass down for some facesitting on the tightwad, shrieking about what great service he provides. And you can't really disagree at this point.